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The addiction recovery network at Horizons Recovery know that successful detox and drug treatment depends on many things, including high quality treatment programs, experienced staff, and a great location. The treatment environment plays a key role in the recovery process, with people much more likely to recover and much less likely to relapse when they feel safe, relaxed, and inspired. The beautiful climate and environment of Florida make it the ideal location to receive addiction treatment, with a range of residential and outpatient services available in the area. If you or anyone you know needs to find help for a drug or alcohol problem, Horizons Recovery is your recovery resource to help you find the right rehab detox treatment center for your individual needs.

Medical Detox

Medical detox programs are designed to kick-off the treatment process, with various medications used depending on the substance and extent of addiction.  If you need to access medical detox, Horizons Recovery can help.
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Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism is a serious medical condition that benefits from professional detox and rehabilitation programs. Rehab programs are often based on motivational, cognitive, and behavioral principles. Read More.

Drug Addiction Rehab

Drug abuse and addiction often require intensive detox and rehabilitation treatment. A medical detox period is generally required to treat drugs with a physical-somatic withdrawal syndrome, including the potent opiate drug heroin. Read more.

Mental Health Services

Behavioral and mental health are generic terms that include a varied range of issues and challenges that can have major impacts the quality of a person’s life. At Horizons Recovery, we have specialized programs to help with dual-diagnosis. Just give us a call today at (888) 207-0699 for information.

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With multiple Rehab Detox Treatment Centers throughout the beautiful sunshine state; Florida is the perfect place to recover. There are numerous Rehab Detox Treatement Ceters in Florida, with people coming to this fantastic state from across America to access many of the services we offer. The treatment environment plays an integral role in the rehabilitation process, making Florida one of the major centers for detox and Alcohol/ Drug Treatment in the United States.

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Florida is a beautiful, exciting, and inspiring state, making it the ideal city to receive help for a drug or alcohol problem. The state is known for its beaches and extensive network of canals, with long relaxing walks by the water always a good way to get away from your troubles. The tropical rainforest climate of much of Florida, also inspires health and fitness, as do many of the great parks and healthy restaurants.

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