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At Horizons Recovery, our recovery advocates understand addiction’s effect firsthand, as we are either recouping addicts ourselves or have been specifically affected by the ailment through relatives or companions who have battled addiction. Our own encounters are what have driven us to work in this field. They additionally drive our commitment to your effective and enduring recovery.

Our treatment focus is a multi-authorized licensed alcohol and drug treatment center that spends significant time in the treatment of a scope of addictions and behavioral issues. Our expert, experienced, and caring staff creates individualized treatment programs for each of our clients, and uses multi-modular, multi-disciplinary treatments to help our clients accomplish balance and recuperation – while minimizing the danger of relapse. Our objectives for treatment are long-term recuperation and managed self-awareness.

Treatment Philosophy

At Horizons Recovery, our philosophy spins around the positive conviction that everybody has the ability to enhance and develop. We realize that you can defeat your addiction through changes in states of mind, attitude, and conduct – and we are here to help you do that! Alcohol and drug addictions are endless issues that influence both the body and the brain, so we don’t simply treat physiological reliance. Our dual-diagnosis treatment programs help our clients achieve ultimate recovery in the long-term. We are totally dedicated to helping you achieve recovery to your full potential. As recovery advocates, we urge you to have certainty and confidence in yourself – and to figure out how to forgive yourself, as well as those others around you. After all, recovery is about mending and healing.

Here at Horizons Recovery, we realize that alcohol and drug addiction influences everybody in an unexpected way. We tailor our treatment programs specifically to you. We know that by catering to your specific needs it will maximize your chances of recovery.

Horizons Recovery: Corporate Values

At Horizons Recovery, we consider our central corporate values critical. From the underlying appraisal procedure to the organization of our aftercare programs, our recovery advocates are truly the best in the business.

Commitment to Comfort and Safety

At Horizons Recovery, we understand that you are vulnerable right now. Looking for drug and alcohol treatment can be overwhelming and scary. We promise that we will make it as easy and comfortable as possible. We need you to realize that at our centers, you won’t be separated from everyone else and you will never lack support. Our specialists, advocates, and medical caretakers are here for you. We prioritize comfort and nobility to energize trust and encourage recovery. Throughout your stay here, you won’t just have the support from our staff, you will have the support from other around you too. Here at Horizons Recovery, we guarantee that you will have all the resources you need to begin your recovery journey.

Over numerous years of treating addiction at different levels, our staff has built up a very effective multi-methodology way to deal with treatment. Our mission has been to discover what works and improve it. Our coordinated, comprehensive, treatment program takes the best restorative and behavioral sciences and gives them something to do for you.

Today can be your day to make a difference in somebody’s life. Whether that somebody is you or a loved one you cherish. You can make a difference by picking up the telephone and calling PHONE NUMBER. It’s your life, so make it count!  

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